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It´s fully incompatible with World of Warcraft, because there is no preset configuration for the game. And it is literally impossible to figure out which buttons an combinations work for "Controller based Addons“. Really… it´s actually that hard that you shouldn´t even try. Trust me. 4 hours of getting so close…. but beeing so far. It is really not possible! DON`T BUY IT FOR WOW. Maybe for easier games it might work, or maybe for First Person Shooters! But not for WoW….

For your grandmothers puzzle game...

Its ok for small games but anything serious… Nope I kept losing my game becuase the left trigger on my controler wouldn’t work and then my analog sticks started to go inverted so “back’ was "forward “ And then BAMMM I get killed… I guess I shouldnt take 3rd party apps so seriously. weak

Does exactly what it says it does.

The app is very simple and allows you to map buttons on your controller to keys/mouse functions on your computer. Through this app, however, you are unable to assign multiple functions to a single key at different times within a game, as that would be insanely complicated. Thus, the app is fantastic for simple mapping projects and not so great for more complicated tasks. For instance, I used the app to use a PS4 controller while playing Toontown, which is a game with simple controls. It worked great! I could understand though how this would not be ideal for a game like Call of Duty.

Too may bugs.

This is a great and useful application, but it has too many bugs.

Great app, but the windows keeps stealing focus

App works great. Exactly as intended. Only 4 stars, because the app window steal focus just about every time any app opens a new window. It is extremely annoying when I’m focussed on detailed work and suddenly the app window interrupts my work.

This works quite well!

I bought this program intending to use my Xbox 360 controller to play Garry’s Mod, Minecraft, etc. After some configurations, I was glad to see Joystick Mapper work. However, I think this program should cost $2, not $5. I’d also like to see more updates, since this hasn’t had an update since 2014.

Unsatisfactory and Extremely Laggy

Reasons to download this app: 1) It is the only reputable OS X controller mapper Reasons not to download this app: 1) It is extremely laggy 2) The interface is awful 3) When playing games like Minecraft, the curser cruises around the screen during gameplay What’s better? I don’t know… for OS X anyways. For PC, Xpadder is a masterpiece and doeasn’t have any of these problems. Its interface isn’t the most pleasing, but it makes sense.

needs dead zone control

as the title implies. great mapper, easy to use. if this app had dead zone parameters it would be 5 stars.

It’s okay. Won’t hold up to most current gen games.

Attempted to use with the Steelseries Nimbus controller, with Minecraft. I was willing to deal with losing some of the contextual functionality (different behaviors in the crafting menu, etc), but the fact that you can’t access all the buttons on a modern controller is a problem. Without being able to use the D-pad or the pressure sensors in the analog sticks, you run out of buttons before you run out of necessary functions. I would consider trying this again IF: -There was D-pad support -There was analog toggle support As it is, it just doesn’t work for a more complex game. Wish I hadn’t wasted $5.

Doesn’t Work, Bad Interface

Uses weird “scan” to detect buttons. Completely unnecessary. Not confirmed working for any controllers other than xbox to ps3. Good luck, can’t refund

doesn’t include drivers

don’t download, no need to pay five bucks for a program that includes no drivers to actually get your gamepad working on a mac.

Needs fine tuning

I’ve simply purchased this for Minecraft specifically. I recently bought it on PC and I use FREEWARE of Input Mapper combined with my DS4 through USB and it works fantastic. I prefer Minecraft on PC / Mac because it’s further adavnced than console but I like the controller scheme of say Xbox Minecraft so I map my buttons to fit that as close as possible. With this App here I am able to connect my DS4 to my Macbook Pro without issues. I can map buttons on the controller to specific keys on the computer that correspond to the proper keys for Minecraft. The issue I’m having is the Mouse Keys. Once pushed, they don’t stop being pushed. I run through the world constantly punching or setting down blocks and yes I’ve remapped those keys in Minecraft hoping it would fix that but sadly it doesn’t. Another issue I have is the mouse wheel sensitivity can only be set to 1x speed at the bare minimum or slowest. I map L1 / R1 to Mouse Wheel Left and Right respectively and it moves way too fast to scroll through my items bar even at 1x speed. It needs decimal options so when you push the L1 / R1 key it moves across to the next item instead of scrolling through the entire bar way to fast. So basically Macro Options would be very useful. I could map one button to two keys like in Input Mapper and have workaround fixes for buttons that stay pushed. For instance, I mapped Sneak to the CAPS LOCK button and to L3 so it stays pushed as needed so it doesn’t become cumbersome trying to hold it down. Then I added a Macro for R3 to CAPS LOCK to press and release so it undoes the action. In conclusion, this app works great but it needs more options or some games like Minecraft can be pretty much unplayable.



Pretty Good

This seems to run quite well. The input system is quite well though out and works great. However, the program refuses to accept the left and right c-stick inputs on the Nintendo GameCube controller. Not being able to uses a second analog stick is annoying and makes some games impossible to play. Please fix this.

Looks nice, work very well and good support.

I can recommend this application. The interface looks very slick and works well. I already configured a few profiles for it and all work flawlessly. Additionaly the author is very responsive to feedback. What more could you want? :-)

Very Nice

Very nice little app. Works as advertised. One small issue: you should merge your two apps (this and Joystick Show) into one app only, as they complement each other (its nice to know that when I press X on my playstation controller I actually press Button 14) and Joystick Show is very useful to understand whats going on in the Example Presets with each input. (maybe being able to name your inputs in the presets could be useful for sharing online - for example CROSS, CIRCLE (PS3) LT, RT (XBOX) and so on.) Also I found a small bug where if I dont use a tag with my preset, the entry gets clipped in the preset list. One last request for a future version maybe is to add the same scan mechanism for keyboard inputs as for joystick inputs (instead of choosing in a list every time) So all in all a great app at a great price, 4 stars for now, maybe five on further updates who knows?

Logitech f710 on Diablo 3 A++++

Just bought the logitech f710 and i wasnt sure if i was going to be able to use it on Diablo 3 but bought this app and in minutes i was using it on diablo 3 its awesome nice work guys

Excellent Program

This is a great little program which has helped me map out a bunch of different profiles for using my USB controller for lots of different games. I have custom settings for each game, and even have a profile for general use to use as a mouse as I leave my controller always plugged in. I have an old Mad Catz controller and this program is able to work with it without any issue. I was worried about the price, but this is easily worth every penny. If you have a controller, get this and you can really start using it for more then just a few games.


Works as intended. After trying another similar app on the App Store that was more expensive and didnt work, I wasnt sure what to expect from this. I am pleasantly surprised at the responsiveness and accuracy of controls. Thumbs up!

Good But...

Im using this app with my PS3 Controller to play minecraft. It picks up the controls great and works smoothly. Unfortunatly, it seems if i hold the right analog stick (controlling my mouse cursor) in one direction or the other, the mouse cursor actually goes off screen (even in fullscreen mode). This makes it hard to play, for my character gets stuck looking in one direction until i bring it back on screen. If they fix this problem Ill deffinetly give this an 5 stars.

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